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Stave(n.) A narrow strip of wood forming part of the sides of a barrel, tub, or similar structure. (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language)

Throughout history one of the longest running continuous threads of human endeavor has been mankind's active involvement with a taste of the grape and other spirits. Some of the earliest and most treasured artifacts discovered has been either tools of the wine trade or testimonies to the grape and the processing thereof. -- the romance of the harvest and the mystique of the brewing process evoke pleasant images for all of us.

Our Manufacturer has gained access to a supply of the very vessels that give wine it's taste and character-previously used white oak barrels. Over 800,000 of these barrels are produced yearly and then discarded after a few years. We hope the pieces in their Wine Tonight Collection will give your home the same comfortable enjoyment as the wine you drink and that their efforts to reuse, recycle and revalue helps in some small way to improve the view from your veranda.

˜ From wine what sudden friendship springs! - John Gay 1685-1732