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Stave(n.) A narrow strip of wood forming part of the sides of a barrel, tub, or similar structure. (The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language)

Wine Stave Accessories - A must have to embelish your wine tasting experience!

Hand-crafted candle holders are created from the staves of retired wine barrels made from French oak. The barrels are carefully disassembled and the artist selects only those staves suitable for use as a candleholder holder art piece. Each stave is hand-washed, lightly sanded and then the artist hand-applies a wood stain to the areas of the barrel stave where the wood was not colored by the wine stored within.

The artist is careful to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and any marks or staining left by the cooper during the process of barrel making, the cellar masters during cellaring and the wine itself while aging.