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Wine carriers are an absolute must for the traveling wine enthusiast. A wine carrier to fit every budget.

Your wine carrier or wine tote should not only offer both thermal and physical protection, but also make you "look" like a true wine connoisseur. Whether you're picnicking, hiking, visiting friends or tasting the vineyards of a far-off land, this attractive and functional accessory is just the ticket to enhance the experience.

California Vines has several wine tote styles and selections to choose from. Our manufacturer specializes in luxurious one and two bottle totes. They come in several sizes and colors, and are hand-crafted of genuine glove leather.

Have you ever forgotten your wine in the trunk of your car? Well, worry no more. If you forget the wine, you'll be relieved to know that it has not lost its desired temperature. With wine carriers that are both insulated and fashionable you're worry free with your choice of the many insulated wine carriers that we offer.